Center for Disease Control’s recommended immunizations for travel to Haiti page. Note that only one or two individuals traveling to Haiti have received the rabies shot. Tetanus is a must have, as we do a lot of work with rusty wire.

Recommended Vaccinations

  • All routinely issued vaccinations in the United States
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Tetanus/diptheria
  • Typhoid
  • Malaria (not a vaccination but rather a regimen of pills used to prevent contracting malaria, only useful while the pills are being taken)

There are several national chains of private travel clinics, as well as ones that are more locally originated, especially in larger cities. Alternately, check with your local Health Department as most counties offer travel vaccinations as well, and they are usually cheaper than the private clinics.


United States

TSA – Transportation Security Administration

Limits on liquid carryon items (All flights connecting through the US must meet these requirements)

US Embassy – Haiti

United States Passport Information

US State Department – Passport Information

A Briggs – Passport Expeditors (Not a government agency- can get your passport in as little as two to four days, depending on where you live)


Canadian TSA

Canadian Embassy- Haiti

Passport Canada


Air Canada carryon and checked baggage rules

American Airlines carryon and checked baggage rules

Delta Airlines carryon and checked baggage rules

Insel Air carryon and checked baggage rules

Spirit Airlines carryon and checked baggage rules


While most domestic phone companies in the United States offer a discounted international roaming plan it is still prohibitively expensive.

AT&T offers a plan for Haiti relief work that costs $20 a month, but you can cancel as soon as you get home and receive prorated billing. The plan allows you to make and receive calls to any phone in the US for just $.25 per minute. Texts are $.1o each and data is $.50/MB. When you are signing up for the plan make sure to tell the AT&T representative that you want the Haiti relief worker plan and not the standard international roaming plan.

Verizon was offering an unlimited data plan for $8 a month, but does not offer a discounted calling plan for travelers to Haiti.